Back Takes - The Most important Attack in BJJ

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Getting to the back, controlling and finishing are forms of art. In this series, Drysdale and Cavaca share some of their key details on how to take the back from Turtle Position that has made them both World Champions and two of the best coaches in the Martial Arts Industry. These techniques are designed for beginners and advanced alike and will help you get to the submission faster and more efficiently.

01 Turtle Position Fundamentals
02 Turtle Position When Opponent Sits to Guard
03 Turtle Position When Opponent Rolls
04 Turtle Position When they Stand Up Head First
05 Turtle Position Power Half
06 turtle Position Arm Bar
07 Turtle Position Stand Up Leg Lasso
08 Turtle Knee BlockBack to Turtle
09 Turtle Position Power Half 2
10 Turtle Position Takedown Leg Drag

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