Top Ten Guard Passes

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The Guard is perhaps the Cornerstone of BJJ as an art. Passing it and making it to a more dominant finishing position like Side-Control, Mount or the Back is a big part of the battle. But passing the Guard is no easy task, any minor slip and you may find yourself swept or finished. In this series, Drysdale will show you the most important passes filled with key details and secrets that only a World Class Grappler can provide.

01 Superman Pass 1.0 
02 Superman Pass 1.1 On Belly 
03 Superman Pass 1.2 Leg Drag 
04 Superman 1.3 Dope Mount 
05 Beat Butterfly Guard With Dope Mount 
06 Stack And Pass 1.0 
07 Stack And Pass 1.1 
08 Beating The Lockdown 
09 Beating The Butterfly Guard 
10 Beat The Butterfly Guard With Butt Flop 

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