The Cradle Series

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The Cradle Series was a specific type of NoGi passing developed by Robert Drysdale in order to adopt many of his Gi techniques into NoGi. It turned out to be highly efficient for both NoGi grappling and MMA. It is a great way to create control without having anything to hold onto, what follows is a series of submissions from that control.

Cradle Series 01 - Intro 
Cradle Series 02 - Cradle To Half Guard Sprawl Pass 
Cradle Series 03 - Cradle To Half Guard Sprawl Pass to Butt Flop 
Cradle Series 04 - Cradle to Brabo Choke 
Cradle Series 05 - Cradle to Side Control 
Cradle Series 06 - Cradle to Half Guard Pass Butt Flop 
Cradle Series 07 - Cradle to Guillotine 
Cradle Series 08 - Cradle to Guillotine 2 
Cradle Series 09 - Cradle to Mount.mpg 
Cradle Series 10 - Cradle to Reverse Cradle 
Cradle Series 11 - Brabo Choke to Butt Flop 
Cradle Series 12 - Brabo Choke to Butt Flop 2 
Cradle Series 13 - Brabo to Roll to Sprawl 
Cradle Series 14 - The Box 
Cradle Series 15 - The Key to the Box 

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